American Bible Society Has Given Away 6,000 Free Bibles Around the World to Kanye West Fans Since Release of “Jesus Is King”

The American Bible Society has given away 6,000 Bibles around the world to Kanye West fans in less than two weeks – for free.

After the megastar released his new album “Jesus is King,” the society saw a large spike in Google searches like “What does Kanye believe?”

The album hit number one across the major music genres, with each song landing in Billboard’s Hot 100. Kanye has rocked the entertainment world by openly sharing his radical faith transformation and helping to lead thousands to Christ in the process.

The American Bible Society promised to send a free Bible to any curious Kanye fan that wanted to learn more about his decision to follow Christ.

At first, the offer was for 1,000 free Bibles until October 30, but the demand was so strong the society has extended the offer until November 22.

“No matter what you think about Kanye’s politics, art, or faith, there’s no denying that his comments and album have sparked a huge wave of curiosity and interest,” said Robert Briggs, interim president and CEO at American Bible Society.

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