WATCH: Lecrae Says He Believes Kanye West is ‘Compelled to Tell People About Jesus’ But Even If Newfound Faith is Insincere ‘God is Going to Get His Glory’, and Reveals Upcoming 2020 Album Will be Titled “Restoration”

Grammy Award-winning rapper Lecrae weighed in on Kanye West’s new No. 1 album Jesus Is King, saying even if the rapper’s faith was insincere, God is getting the glory. 

“I think he’s a polarizing figure, obviously,” Lecrae told CBN News on Monday, speaking about the mainstream rapper who’s professing his faith in Jesus as a born again Christian.

“I think he says what’s on his mind and he’s unmoved by what opinions you might have of him based off of what he feels compelled to say. At this juncture in time, I believe he’s compelled to tell people about Jesus,” Lecrae said.

West started hosting Sunday Service events at the top of the year that feature gospel music and, more recently, sermons. He has professed to being a born again Christian and said he found healing after he was diagnosed as having bipolar disorder. His profession of faith has since drawn both criticism and praise.

His Jesus is King album, released Oct. 25, has now made history on the Billboard charts.

“I believe he’s compelled to say, ‘I found a new faith and I’m serious about it.’ And he’s not really worried about the backlash of those who want him to talk about the content that he used to talk about. He’s not worried about the backlash from those who say he’s insincere; he’s not worried about the backlash from others who say he’s using this as some sort of political play,” Lecrae continued.

“Even if he’s not sincere, I have no way of knowing. Even if Kanye was my best friend, I don’t know what’s going on in his heart, only God knows that. So even if he’s insincere, the Gospel message is very clear and evident, and God’s going to get His glory with what he’s saying in that project,” the faith-focused rapper maintained.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Jeannie Law