Popeye’s Chaos: Angry Americans Fight Each Other Over Coveted Chicken Sandwich

People are yelling, throwing objects at each other and dying over a piece of breaded chicken served in a bun

This week, fried chicken hotspot Popeye’s brought back their notorious chicken sandwich, a popular menu item which sold out months ago following a poorly executed roll-out which underestimated its demand.

The sandwich seems to be in plentiful supply this time around, but for some reason Americans are still losing their minds over it.

Earlier this week, a man died after he tried to cut in line at a Popeye’s in Baltimore.

“We have been able to determine that preliminarily that this is related to the release of the sandwich here at this restaurant,” a police spokesperson said.

Now videos are surfacing from various restaurants depicting Americans getting angry and starting fights over a trivial piece of breaded chicken served in a bun.

Warning: Videos contain graphic footage and language. Viewer discretion advised.

Yet another video surfaced Friday, the day after this report was originally published, showing an elderly woman being “body slammed” in the parking lot by an employee of a Popeye’s in Columbia, Tennessee.

In Los Angeles, a woman destroyed her Mercedes-Benz when she tried to get in the drive-thru line for a sandwich.

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SOURCE: InfoWars