Good Samaritan Customers: Waffle House Customers Help Wash Dishes and Clean Tables when a Staff Misunderstanding Leaves One Employee to Deal with Crowd of Customers

A scheduling mix-up forced customers into action at a Waffle House restaurant in Birmingham, Alabama on Saturday evening.

It appeared to be a miscommunication over coverage of shifts.

The waffle-sized crisis started when workers left after the first half of the shift, as previously planned.

But only one employee remained to cover the second half of the shift, leaving a gap that some customers jumped in to fill.

Not self-serve at this Waffle House restaurant in Alabama, where customers help out when they were short-staffed Saturday night
This man went to kitchen to help clean the dishes as only Waffle House employee worked
The customers take over this Waffle House in Alabama due to scheduling issues
A unique night at the Waffle House in Birmingham, Alabama when customers help out an overwhelmed worker

Ethan Crespo saw first hand how difficult it would be getting a waffle, watching the overwhelmed worker ‘awash in bewilderment’ as he took orders.

It was at that point that an unknown man at the bar sprung into action, and headed for the kitchen.

Crespo thought the transition was so seamless that was clearly a staffer, but he was a ‘kind stranger.’

Security camera showed several customers washing dishes and busing tables.

‘One [customer] put on an apron and washed the dishes. He did a great job,’ Pat Harper, Waffle House Director of PR, told the

The lone person on payroll, only known as ‘Ben’ and the mystery man, ‘feverishly’ to accommodate the night dinner crowd.

Crespo saw a couple of other customers join the altruistic activity.

He said the camaraderie was impressive.

‘It was remarkable,’ Crespo told as he watched strangers work together.

‘We appreciate the customers’ effort, however we prefer to have our associates behind the counter,’ Warner said. ‘Our concept works best when we serve the customer, not the other way around.’

SOURCE: Daily Mail, Jerry Barmash