Cops Release Terrifying 911 Call From Six-year-old Stabbed by His Mother 25 Times Before Bodycam Footage Shows Parent Shot to Death After She Grabbed an Officer’s Gun

Body cam footage shows police arriving on the scene to find Winston covered in blood (pictured) and Rodriguez apparently naked on the ground

Police have released a horrifying 911 call and graphic body camera footage of a Nevada mother who stabbed her six-year-old son 25 times before she was fatally shot by cops.

In the call, made around 12.10pm on October 21 from the Equestrian on Eastern Apartments in Henderson, a young boy is heard crying and alleging that his mother is trying to kill him.

Claudia Nadia Rodriguez, 37, the boy’s mother, tells the 911 operator and her son: ‘They’re making us do it. We got to kill each other.’

The boy, identified as Winston Lee Xavier Brandon, is then heard yelling three times: ‘Please don’t hurt me!’

The call disconnected, but Henderson police were dispatched to the scene.

Body camera footage shows officers arriving at the complex and knocking on the door, which is answered by a young boy covered in blood.

‘Oh s**t,’ the first responding officer says before telling his partner: ‘Get medical.’

The first officer enters the apartment and asks Rodriguez, who is apparently naked: ‘What’s going on?’

According to court documents, Rodriguez was described as ‘agitated’, reported the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

On the video, she can be heard yelling: ‘You got to kill me!’ as she begins wrestling with the first responding officer.

Rodriguez managed to grab his gun and fire it once, but no one was harmed in the incident.

The second officer then entered the apartment and shot Rodriguez multiple times.

According to the Review-Journal, she was taken to Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center in Winchester, where she died from a gunshot wound to the head.

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Source: Daily Mail