California Woman Fatally Shot by Abusive Boyfriend in Front of Police After She Called 911 on Him

Video footage released by Sacramento authorities shows the moment a 23-year-old woman was “executed” by her boyfriend as deputies responded to the scene.

On Oct. 27, Chanell Brown was fatally shot by her abusive boyfriend, Earnest Easterling, after an argument outside a home. Before her death, Brown had called authorities, who arrived at the scene during the altercation, the Sacramento Bee reports.

Security footage released by the Sacramento Sheriff’s Office shows Brown’s final moments as she tries to protect others from Easterling, who was wielding a gun.

“You got the police called on me, I didn’t do (expletive),” Easterling can be heard saying in the video.

“Lock your door, lock it,” Brown tells someone out of frame.

The video then shows deputies arriving at the scene. As Brown cooperates with responding officers, she begins to walk out of frame, which is when Easterling can be seen running toward her and firing at point blank range. Within seconds, Easterling is shot by the deputies.

“That video speaks a thousand words,” Sacramento County Sheriff Sergeant Tess Deterding said in a statement released with the video. “If you watch it, everything unfolds in a split second.”

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SOURCE: PEOPLE, Harriet Sokmensuer