WATCH: Kanye West Says He Plans to Run for President in 2024, Talks Designing Biodegradable Algae-Based Shoes, and Considering Changing His Name to ‘Christian Genius Billionaire’ at Fast Company Innovation Festival

At one point, West jokingly said he might change his name to ‘Christian Genius Billionaire Kanye West’

Kanye West has revealed he will run for president for 2024 and talked about his new line of biodegradable shoes made from algae and potentially changing his name.

In an enlightening 35-minute talk at the Fast Company Innovation Festival in New York City on Thursday, West let loose a series of bizarre and intriguing revelations that have become synonymous with his brand.

West’s presidential run, which first speculated in 2015 during the MTV Video Music Awards, came back full circle when he mentioned bringing Yeezy factories to America.

West began his sentence, ‘When I run for president in 2024…,’ before the room of 500 laughed.

‘What y’all laughing at?’ Kanye asked before staring at the audience.

He said: ‘When I run for president in 2024 we would have created so many jobs I’m not going to run, I’m going to walk.’

Before that West, accompanied by lead Yeezy designer Steve Smith, took the stage and began their seminar by diving into the eco-friendly direction of the shoe company.

Holding examples of their biodegradable shoes, they revealed they will make their debut in the upcoming Yeezy Foam runner silhouette.

Smith explained the shoes were made of a hybrid of EVA and has a foam created from algae harvested from ponds.

EVA, or Ethylene vinyl acetate, is a type of biodegradable plastic that is flexible and resistant to ultraviolet radiation.

‘Eco concerns are intersecting with what we do. This is just the beginning of the future Kanye envisioned for us to start,’ Smith said.

Yeezy’s headquarters have reportedly been moved to Cody, Wyoming, where it sits on a 40,000 acre ranch with other properties that will include farms.

West’s Yezzy headquarters was previously in Calabasas, California.

‘We’re going to be farming and going seed to sew. And have our own cotton-hydroponic farm… and getting into less [environmental] impact with the dyes.’

West admits Yeezy’s signature colors are a large part of the brand, but dyes are one of the main processes affecting nature.

‘Our color is a big signature of the brand, but also dyeing is one of the main things that’s impacting the planet and the fashion industry, so just being responsible from A to Z,’ he said.

A major goal for his company is to bring jobs from overseas manufacturer within the next two years.

‘Our goal is to bring the manufacturing back to America, South America and North America, to bring it back stateside and also present jobs for people back here.’

West added: ‘We took the word “try” out of it and we just “do,” like Yoda says.’

Also, West alluded to changing his name to lead Yeezy designer Steve Smith.’

After mentioning years of personal struggle, which he refers to as ‘Vietnam’, he jokingly said he might defy the idea that it’s crass to refer to oneself as a billionaire.

He said: ‘Now that I’ve made it through Vietnam, when Forbes wants to call me a centimillionaire and people say it’s crass to call yourself a billionaire, I might legally change my name to Christian Genius Billionaire Kanye West.’

It’s unclear when the biodegradable shoes will be officially launched or if West will officially change his name.

SOURCE: The Associated Press; Daily Mail, Lauren Edmonds