CBS News Fires Staffer Suspected of Leaking Explosive Video of ABC Anchor Amy Robach Saying the Network Killed her Jeffrey Epstein Exposé

CBS News fired a staffer who previously worked for ABC News and accessed explosive footage of one of its anchors complaining that the network killed her exposé about Jeffrey Epstein, according to multiple reports published Thursday.

Journalist Yashar Ali tweeted Thursday morning that two sources familiar with the matter confirmed the staffer had been fired.

Page Six also cited a source saying that CBS let the staffer go on Wednesday after ABC executives contacted the network.

The move comes just days after the right-wing organization Project Veritas published a leaked video, purportedly shot in August, featuring the anchor Amy Robach angrily discussing a story she tried to report in 2015 on the allegations against Epstein, as well as connections to the Clintons and Prince Andrew. The video was shot in-between takes, and didn’t air.

Robach said ABC News refused to air her story for three years, partly out of concerns that the network would lose access to prominent figures.

She also said she believed Epstein was murdered in jail, despite confirmation from the official medical examiner that Epstein died by suicide.

ABC News previously said in a statement that the network never stopped investigating Epstein, and that Robach’s reporting in 2015 didn’t meet high enough standards to air.

According to Ali, ABC News executives learned the identity of the former staffer who accessed the footage of Robach, and then informed their counterparts at CBS News of the person’s identity.

It’s unclear whether the former staffer in question actually leaked the footage to Project Veritas, or obtained the footage and perhaps showed it to others who leaked it to Project Veritas. The suspected staffer hasn’t been identified.

CBS News did not immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment.

SOURCE: Business Insider – Michelle Mark