Sam Campbell on Preaching While Facing Persecution in China

He’d heard the Gospel all his life while growing up in a Christian home in China. His family even hosted services and church activities at their house.

But it wasn’t until he was an adult, while attending an evangelical meeting, that Yuanbo gave his life to Christ. Since Christians face tremendous pressure and persecution in China, we’ve changed his name to keep him safe.

And while Yuanbo didn’t mind the risk, he knew something was missing. A road map … a written guide to direct his new life.

Yuanbo was missing a Bible.

God’s Word is extremely rare in China, but he asked the Lord to provide him with his own copy. Then, one day, the Lord answered his prayers. Yuanbo treasured his new Bible above all his other possessions.

In his profession as a clock and watch repairman, he would often visit clients’ homes to make repairs. One day, a church meeting was taking place at a home where he was working. The guests knew Yuanbo owned a Bible, so they began pleading with him to share the Word of God with them.

But Yuanbo had never shared the Gospel before. He didn’t know how, and he didn’t feel qualified. Still, the guests kept insisting. So, Yuanbo put down his tools, took out his Bible, and began reading. He didn’t know how to convey the Gospel message, but he just kept reading.

And something clicked.

Yuanbo knew he didn’t fully understand the passage. He knew he probably fumbled through most of the verses. But it didn’t matter. He could see the yearning in their faces. The desire to know God’s Word. And that was the spark that set Yuanbo’s heart on fire for the Lord.

Yuanbo sold his repair shop about a year later. He walked away from a reliable job and consistent paycheck to pursue a career in ministry. He completed a theological training course and soon began evangelizing and planting churches.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Sam Campbell