Grace Millane’s Final Hours: Chilling CCTV Footage Shows the 22-Year-Old British Backpacker Hugging her Tinder Date ‘Murderer’ Before Going with him to Flat Where he ‘Strangled her During Sex’ Later That Night

The jury in the Grace Millane (top right) murder trial are sitting through heartbreaking video footage of her last hours alive on a Tinder date with the man (pictured bottom right in court on Wednesday) accused of strangling her to death during sex. The film covered almost their entire date, from meeting outside the Sky City casino, through drinking at a succession of bars to entering the CityLife hotel where the defendant, who cannot be named, was living. It was on December 1 last year, the eve of her 22nd birthday, that Grace and the 27-year-old man arranged to meet after connecting through Tinder the previous day. The CCTV footage began at 5.11pm on December 11, with the defendant entering the Bluestone Room and half an hour later, Miss Millane, in a black dress, leaving the Base backpackers’ hostel where she was staying and walking through rain-soaked streets towards Sky City. Outside SkyCity, Miss Millane was shown arriving in front of the casino’s 20 foot tall Christmas tree, where she stood waiting at 5.45pm. Within minutes, the defendant walked into view, approaching her and giving her a hug (main), before the two of them walk into the casino and find Andy’s Burger Bar.

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SOURCE: Daily Mail