Four Reactions to Health and Human Services’ Proposed Rule Allowing Faith-Based Adoption Agencies to Receive Federal Grants Even If They Refuse to Work With LGBT Couples

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has proposed a new rule that would make it easier for faith-based adoption and foster care agencies to receive federal grants even if they refuse to work with same-sex couples, citing religious objections.

In a statement released Nov. 1, the HHS announced it was issuing a non-enforcement notice regarding the Obama administration regulation banning said religious organizations from receiving federal grants, and was proposing a new policy.

The current regulation, implemented during former President Barack Obama’s second term in office, only allows faith-based groups to receive grants if they either adhere to Obama era LGBT anti-discrimination policies regarding sexual orientation or receive a waiver.

Here are four reactions in response to the HHS’ proposed rule, including both supporters and critics.

Family Research Council

The Family Research Council applauded the HHS’ proposed rule, commending the Trump administration for preventing discrimination against faith-based adoption groups.

FRC President Tony Perkins said in a statement released Friday that “charities will be free to care for needy children and operate according to their religious beliefs and the reality that children do best in a home with a married mom and dad.”

“Under the proposed HHS rule, faith-based adoption providers will no longer have to choose between abandoning their faith or abandoning homeless children because the government disapproves of their views on marriage,” Perkins said.

“Faith-based adoption services are motivated by their faith to perform a public service, one that is woefully undersupplied. Discriminating against them for the very reason that motivates them to perform this irreplaceable service is the height of folly.”

Americans United for Separation of Church & State

Americans United for Separation of Church & State denounced the proposed HHS rule to accommodate faith-based adoption organizations.

Rachel Laser, president and CEO of Americans United, said in a Nov. 1 statement that the proposed rule is “a new low in the Trump administration’s efforts to license discrimination against religious minorities and LGBTQ people.”

“The rule would directly and gravely harm some of our nation’s most vulnerable people — children in foster care, senior citizens, and youth experiencing homelessness,” Laser said.

“When it comes to discrimination based on religion, the Trump administration is saying it’s OK to ignore the Constitution. It’s never OK and we will continue to fight to uphold our core American value of religious freedom.”

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Michael Gryboski