150,000 Christians in Northeast Syria Face Extinction or Exile Amid Fears That Turkey Could Begin Ethnic Cleansing Campaign

Turkish-led jihadist troops advancing on a Syrian Christian town could begin an ethnic cleansing campaign in the next few hours, attorney and religious freedom advocate Lauren Homer tells CBN News.

Homer, an attorney with Law and Liberty International, has been working with Christians and other religious minorities in Northeast Syria for years. These groups enjoyed religious freedom under a new democratic government there called the Self Administration of Northeast Syria (SANES).

She warns, “150,000 Christians in Northeast Syria face extinction or exile AT THIS VERY MOMENT due to savage attacks by Turkey’s President Erdogan.” She’s asking American Christians to pray and to encourage their pastors to pray to hold special prayers on Sunday for their brothers and sisters in peril and contact those leaders who can make a difference.

Here’s the full text of Homer’s letter to CBN News Middle East Bureau Chief Chris Mitchell:

“At this very moment, 150,000 Christians in Northeast Syria face extinction or exile due to savage attacks by Turkey’s President Erdogan. Christians have already fled from areas along the Turkey-Syria border, along with their Kurdish and Arab neighbors—400,000 total refugees.

Over 500 civilians are dead. Many suffered horrific war crimes at the hands of Turkey’s jihadi army. Turkey is ignoring cease-fire promises it made to both the US and to Russia.

At this hour, the historic Assyrian Christian town of Tel Tamer is surrounded by Turkey’s jihadi forces with heavy weapons. Turkey is heavily bombing nearby villages, terrifying residents, and may soon bomb Tel Tamer. Christians in Tel Tamer are appealing to their brothers and sisters outside Syria to stop the attacks before they all die.

Tel Tamer has HUGE significance for Syrian Christians—and for their jihadi attackers. It exists because Assyrian Christians were forced to flee the Turkish Genocide 100 years ago. They settled in the Khabour River valley, building Tel Tamer and nearby villages. ISIS attacked this area in 2015, besieging Tel Tamer. After it took over 300 Christian hostages, the US decided to help.

US airstrikes were the only reason the entire area was not overrun by ISIS in 2015. Christian men—and women—went on to play a significant role in the multi-religious Syrian Democratic Forces.

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SOURCE: CBN News, Chris Mitchell