Bishop Paul S. Morton Warns Democrats That Christians Will Not Vote for ‘a Man With His Husband’ Because ‘There Are Those of Us Who Love Everybody But We Believe in the Biblical Definition of Marriage’, Says ‘I Love President Obama But Because He Changed and Caused Many of You to Change That Did Not Mean I Had To, the Bible Has Not Changed and I Still Believe the Bible’

In a blunt warning to Democrats pushing openly gay Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg as a viable nominee, Bishop Paul S. Morton, founder of Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship, said Bible-based Christians will not support “a man with his husband” by his side for president of the United States.

“Dems I pray U will use wisdom in voting. Being too liberal will not win. I am not homophobic. But it is definitely not the time 4 POTUS 2b a man with his husband up there by his side. There are those of us who love everybody but we believe in the Biblical Definition of Marriage,” tweeted Morton, who serves as senior pastor of Changing a Generation in Atlanta, on Saturday.

Morton’s tweet came in the wake of a report from The New York Times citing new polling data from Iowa that shows Buttigieg in a virtual tie with three other candidates — former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr., Sen. Bernie Sanders and Sen. Elizabeth Warren — atop the field of potential 2020 Democratic nominees for president.

Morton pointed to another recent report in The New York Times showing that Buttigieg’s sexuality will be a problem for him among African Americans because a significant portion of the crucial Democratic voting block is socially conservative.

David Axelrod, a longtime Democratic strategist who was a top adviser to former President Barack Obama, told the publication that once the race turns from Iowa and New Hampshire, which are more than 90 percent white, to South Carolina on Feb. 29, Buttigieg will meet resistance.

“You can’t be the nominee of the Democratic Party and not engender support among African Americans,” Axelrod said.

“There has been historical resistance within elements of the African-American community to homosexuality,” he continued. “We saw that in the debate over gay marriage where the community was the least accepting of same-sex marriage among Democratic constituencies.”

Morton, who has been fielding both criticism and praise for his public stance, insisted in a series of tweets that his position was rooted in both his faith and realistic political calculations and not homophobia, which he has been accused of.

“In 2008 LGBT was hard on P. Obama b/c he held fast he believed the biblical definition of marriage. We voted 4 him overwhelmingly. Never was called homophobic At end of 1st term he evolved 2 believe SSM. But the bible has not changed. Me either. So I’m not homophobic I’m Biblical,” he wrote.

“I love Pres Obama but b/c he changed & caused many of U 2 change that did not mean I had 2. The bible has not changed I Still Believe The Bible. In the Bible God allows U2 Choose. Ur Choice is Ur Choice My Choice is My Choice & I hv right 2 tweet who I think can win & who can’t,” he added.

Leading conservative voice for civil rights and pastor of Cornerstone Baptist Church in Arlington, Texas, Dwight McKissic praised Morton for standing by his biblical convictions on Sunday.

“Bishop Morton, I am grateful for your prophetic voice standing up for the truth of Scripture. The historic belief & teaching of Black Orthodox American Churches, is that marriage is between one male & one female. Inappropriate casting a vote for a person in a same-sex marriage,” McKissic tweeted.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Leonardo Blair