Alleged White Supremacist Arrested, Charged in Plot to Bomb Colorado Synagogue

An alleged white supremacist was arrested in Colorado for plotting to blow up one of the state’s oldest synagogues, federal court records released Monday show.

Richard Holzer, 27, was taken into custody Friday after federal authorities supplied him with pipe bombs and dynamite that he planned on detonating at Temple Emanuel, built in the city of Pueblo in 1900, the records allege.

Holzer was charged with the attempted use of explosives and trying to obstruct the free exercise of religious beliefs, according to the documents.

After his arrest, Holzer confessed to the plot, describing it as his “mountain” while using derogatory terms to describe Jews and Temple Emanuel, the documents say.

Holzer added that he didn’t plan to hurt anyone, though he would have gone through with the attack if someone was inside, according to the documents.

It wasn’t clear if Holzer has a lawyer. Court records didn’t list one.

The records show that undercover federal investigators reached out to Holzer in September after he promoted racially motivated acts of violence on Facebook.

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SOURCE: NBC News, Tim Stelloh