The Bible Project Reaching Millions With the Gospel Through Crowdfunding and YouTube Promotion

An animated video outreach called The Bible Project has been successfully reaching millions of people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ through the support of crowdfunding and its promotion on YouTube.

The Bible Project has been reaching millions of people, both in the faith and seekers alike, with an illustrated teaching that points people to Jesus.

“We want people to experience the Bible as the unified story that leads to Jesus, a big meta-narrative that leads to Jesus,” Mike McDonald, director of Strategic Relationships of The Bible Project, told The Christian Post.

“Why that’s even a thing for us, is that our founders, and people like myself, and many others often just find it difficult to read the Bible. It’s a massive book [with] many different authors, many different times in history, different literary styles. It’s such a complex group of books that it becomes very difficult on how to even approach it,” he said.

The Bible Project was launched in 2014 in Portland, Oregon, and hopes to encourage people to engage with the Scriptures.

“At least in our communities, we’re fast approaching a very post-Bible Christianity,” McDonald stressed.

The former pastor said he comes across Christians all the time who do not often open their Bible or are excited about it.

“We wanted to solve that. The biggest reason why people don’t read the Bible is because we don’t understand the context, we don’t know how to approach the books, or the chapters that we’re reading,” he said.

Since its inception, The Bible Project has produced over 130 videos and 200 podcasts, accumulating 125 million views across all media channels in over 200 countries.

The outreach tool was started by longtime friends Timothy Mackie and Jonathan Collins who met at Multnomah Bible College. The pair wanted to help people read through scripture while avoiding common pitfalls of misunderstanding the Bible. Combining Mackie’s doctorate in theology and his deep understanding of the Hebrew Bible with Collins’ ability to simply communicate complex topics and his passion for visual story-telling, they chose to create teaching videos and put them online for free.

The Bible Project was an instant success and with people willing to give for the creation of the videos, they now have more than 100,000 supporters.

“Tim had this idea of doing something called, Bible in five. He wanted to do overview, explanation type videos, of books of the Bible, in five minutes so that everyday people that aren’t going to go to seminary can have enough context and information to go in and actually read the Bible,” McDonald said of his colleagues.

“Jon became so good at communicating that he created two companies in Portland that Microsoft, Apple and Google would all hire when they were launching new, complex ideas. He would help them figure out how to communicate that in 30 or 60 second commercial slots.”

The Bible Project is the “merging of those two people and those two things” he added. “You’ve got this incredible Bible scholar, and this incredible question asker/communicator, and you put them together, and that’s the Bible project.”

The team collectively now create explainer videos on the Bible and hire the best artists from around the world to come and be a part of the project. They’ve even worked with talented illustrators from Pixar to bring some of their projects to life.

“You can just do so much more with animation than you can, with just Tim [teaching] with a whiteboard. There’s just so many crazy, complex ideas when we’re talking about God, or the Holy Spirit. How do you do that in just a live teaching?” McDonald reflected. “So we have the freedom to actually do animation around those complex ideas and help communicate them.”

“It’s not just young, it’s every age group, we have so many folks that are in their mature 60s and 70s that love learning the Bible through our videos, but we also have eight-year-olds that are just as engaged in the video,” the Director of Strategic Relationships revealed.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Jeannie Law