Kamala Harris Cuts Entire Field Team, Over Half of Staff at New Hampshire Offices

CBS News has learned that Democratic presidential candidate Kamala Harris is cutting all of her field organizers in New Hampshire and all three field offices in the Granite State, according to campaign aides. The number of staff cuts is in the “double digits,” with more than half of her New Hampshire staff being laid off.

According to a campaign spokesperson, “a handful of staffers will run a scaled-down campaign out of the Manchester headquarters.” The field offices in Portsmouth, Manchester and Keene will be closed.

“Senator Harris and this team set out with one goal – to win the nomination and defeat Donald Trump in 2020,” Nate Evans, communications director for Harris’ New Hampshire campaign said in a statement. “To do so, the campaign has made a strategic decision to realign resources and go all-in on Iowa, resulting in office closures and staff realignments and reductions in New Hampshire. The campaign will continue to have a staff presence in New Hampshire but the focus is and will continue to be on Iowa.”

Multiple New Hampshire state officials speaking on the condition of anonymity because of their official roles expressed surprise upon learning Harris’ scale-down. Sources unanimously referred to it as a “bad sign” for the California lawmaker’s campaign, given the crowded 2020 field.

The California senator will not be visiting New Hampshire next week to file for the first-in-the-nation New Hampshire primaries in person on November 6 and 7, as originally planned. Harris’ team is likely to mail in her declaration of candidacy, a break from the traditional walk-in filing by candidates. Among those to make the trip this year are Pete Buttigieg and Bernie Sanders, who visited the New Hampshire State House in Concord to make their candidacy official.

Secretary of State Bill Gardner says showing up in person at the State House is not mandatory under state law. “It does generate publicity,” Gardner told CBS News. “It’s just part of the ritual. It’s not required.”

But the secretary, who is overseeing his 11th filing period, having served over 43 years in public office, told CBS News he could not remember a major presidential candidate who did not send a surrogate or appear in person during the filing period.

“The lesser known candidates, a lot of them file by mail,” Gardner recalled to CBS News.

“It’s crazy,” a New Hampshire Democratic political operative told CBS News. “She is literally mailing it in.”

The source added, “Bypassing New Hampshire is a plausible strategy. People have been frustrated because the campaign has been so defensive about their campaign operation when it is so clearly not a priority to the campaign.”

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SOURCE: CBS News, Nicole Sganga