Bethlehem Bible College to Celebrate 40 Years of Ministry with Special Tours of the Holy Land

(A view of Jerusalem, December 8, 2009. REUTERS/Ammar Awad)

Bethlehem Bible College is celebrating 40 years of ministry this November with a gala and special tours of the Holy Land. Ta’ Shuf Tours, a partner of Bethlehem Bible College, is planning two tours of the Holy Land to celebrate the anniversary.

Marianne Smith from Ta’ Shuf tours says, “We have a four-day tour and a seven-day tour that immediately follow the celebration gala of the 40th-anniversary celebration. Those trips will be visiting Jericho, Masada, the Dead Sea, Jerusalem [and] Galilee.”

“We welcome people from all around the world to join,” she adds.

Ta’ Shuf Supports Bethlehem Bible College

Ta’ Shuf Tours supports Bethlehem Bible College in several ways, including using students from the school as tour guides.

“We try as much as possible to use our own tour guide students and graduates with the tours that we operate. Just staying at the Bethlehem Bible College guesthouse provides revenue to the college,” she says.

This November,  Ta’ Shuf is hosting unique tours designed to celebrate 40 years of ministry with an inside look at the Holy Land.

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SOURCE: Mission Network News