What’s Going On? White Woman Dubbed ‘Swing Set Susan’ Who Was Caught On Video Claiming To Be A Cop As She Launched Foul-mouthed Rant At Hispanic Teens In A Park Play Area Is Charged With Impersonating A Public Servant

A white Texas woman who has been nicknamed ‘Swing Set Susan’ after she was filmed threatening to arrest a group of Hispanic teens playing on swings in a park has been arrested for impersonating an officer.

Samantha Eley, 38, of Fort Worth, was charged on Wednesday with one count of impersonating a public servant following an incident at an all-ages park near Trinity River.

The Fort Worth Police Department said that the charge was added while she was in custody at Tarrant County Jail.

Eley had been jailed for a bond violation related to an assault charge in a separate case.

The incident occurred at Dream Park in downtown Forth Worth on Wednesday afternoon, when the woman approached the group claiming they were too old to be playing on a swing-set.

One of the teens captured the encounter and posted the video to Twitter, where it went viral.

In the shocking clip, Eley marches up to the group and demands: ‘Stop! This is a children’s park! Stop!’

She tries to push one of girls off the swing, before the group insists they are still young enough to be playing on the equipment.

‘No, you’re f**king not!’ Eley shouts back.

‘You’re not a f**king child – 13 or younger!’ she continues.