Tragic: 73-Year-Old Vietnam Veteran and His Wife Die After Their SUV Fell Four Stories After Plowing Through a Parking Garage Wall

Charles (left) and Iristeen Hunt (right) were killed after she plowed their car into the wall of a parking garage Wednesday

An Illinois coroner’s office is holding autopsies today for an elderly couple  crushed to death after the wife drove their car through the fourth floor wall of a parking lot.

Iristeen Hunt, 70, and her husband Charles Hunt, 73, of University Park, Illinois, were killed after their car fell from the Market Square Center Garage in Indianapolis, Indiana on Wednesday.

Now authorities are hoping the autopsies, which will be conducted later today, can shed like on what led up to the fatal crash.

It is not yet clear whether Iristeen suffered a medical emergency, or if drugs or alcohol were a factor in the crash.

Meanwhile, friends and family are remembering Iristeen and Charles, a retired Chicago Transit Authority Employee and a Vietnam War veteran.

CBS 2 reports that the couple spent much of their time at the local Veterans of Foreign Wars group in University Park.

The Hunt’s friends gathered at VFW Post 311 to reminisce over good memories and mourn the lose of their close companions.

Willie Goodson, VFW house hall manager, was good friends with the couple.

‘Just shock, just shock – the way it happened and how it happened,’ he said.  ‘Charles was the fun guy.’

Larry Woolridge was in Vietnam with Charles and says Charles was ‘a well-known character.’

‘That really hit me right then – what happened? Why did the car go off the parking lot? What happened? Did the accelerator stop or hang up or what,’ he said.

The Hunts were in Indianapolis visiting a sick relative and as of Thursday night the authorities have not uncovered the reasons surrounding the crash.

However, it is being classified as accidental.

Woolrdige said: ‘I lost a buddy. A fishing buddy.’

One woman who appeared to know the Hunts through VFW and said she saw them recently mourned on Twitter.


Police say their car plowed through the wall at just before 10am, tumbling four floors before landing on its roof in an alley behind the City Market.

The couple died at the scene and a man who witnessed the plunge was treated for shock.

Fire Department Battalion Chief Rita Reith said the woman was driving. It is not yet clear what led to the fatal crash.

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Source: Daily Mail