Kelsey Coalition on The Transgender Cult Stole My Child

Your beloved child has been kidnapped by a sadistic cult. The cult brainwashes her to believe you are the enemy. The brainwashing erases her entire childhood. Every good memory is replaced with memories of abuse that never happened.

The cult convinces her to inject poison in her body and to get her healthy body parts amputated.

You panic. You scream. You sob. You beg. You are reduced to nothing.

You search for help everywhere. Nobody will help. Nobody will stop the cult. In fact, the government investigates YOU and tells you to approve of what the cult is doing to your daughter.

The world has gone mad.

You find out the cult is kidnapping thousands of other young girls and boys. And the government is funding the cult. You grieve with other parents going through the exact same thing.

Society celebrates the cult and ridicules parents who fight back. Some parents are willingly handing their children over to the cult and cheering their child’s destruction. The child you love with everything in you, the child you would die for is now unrecognizable, replaced by someone who holds you in contempt. She is now part of the cult. You sob day after day, night after night, wondering how many tears one human can cry.

You scream when you see her severed breasts and collapse, sobbing, “My God, my God, what have they done to my baby?”

You nearly drink yourself to death when you find out the cult cut out her entire reproductive system. “No No No No No NO NOOOOOOOOOO! They took my baby’s womb, they took her eggs. She doesn’t know any better. She’s still a little girl.”

You reach out to every government agency you can think of and every organization fighting the cult. You think there is nothing more the cult can do to her. You are wrong. You fly to go see her, twice within six weeks, to beg and plead with her to not let the cult do this next terrible thing. You beg the cult to stop torturing your daughter. You beg authorities to help you. Nobody will help your daughter.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Kelsey Coalition