Jamie Morgan on John MacArthur Owes Women in Ministry an Apology

This week evangelical pastor John MacArthur haughtily told Beth Moore to, “Go home,” when questioned regarding his thoughts about her. Then, as if this heartless comment wasn’t cringe-worthy enough, he compared Beth Moore’s sacred ministry call to that of a salesperson peddling jewelry on television.

Here’s the thing: MacArthur’s stinging discourse regarding Beth Moore, wasn’t really about Beth Moore. He was disparaging every woman who has ever answered the call to ministry. In one clean swoop, he maligned Huldah, Deborah, Miriam, Priscilla, Phoebe, and Junia … and you. John MacArthur owes you an apology.

But a far weighty matter is that MacArthur’s attack against Beth Moore constituted an attack against the character of God. When the enemy uses someone to devalue either gender, it is an attempt to diminish the power of the cross and dilute the blood of Jesus. Both genders are made in the image of God; it is God who places and empowers women in positions of biblical leadership.

While it remains to be seen if John MacArthur will ever apologize to Beth Moore, or ask forgiveness of Almighty God, you deserve an apology. Someone needs to acknowledge the hurt, pain, lies, and injustices you have withstood at the hand of the enemy. And let that someone be me.

Women in ministry, I profusely apologize to you for the actions and words of John MacArthur and anyone else who has ever opposed God’s call on your life.

I’m sorry so for any discouragement you have received. I’m sorry if you have been discounted, overlooked, or made to feel like a leper. I’m sorry for every critical stone that has been hurled your way.

I’m also sorry that entire church doctrines have been written to preclude you from ministry. I’m sorry if you have been erroneously taught that women are God’s fallback option if a man isn’t willing or available. I’m sorry for all the times you had to stop advancing the Kingdom in order to answer your faultfinders.

I’m deeply sorry for the pain, rejection, and loneliness you have endured. I’m sorry if your gifts and talents have lain dormant. I’m sorry for all of the wasted time. I’m sorry for the souls that haven’t been won.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Jamie Morgan