WATCH: New Film “No Safe Spaces” About Efforts to Ban Free Speech Features UC Berkeley Student Isabella Chow Who Was Attacked for Her Christian Beliefs

Capital Research Center’s film brand Dangerous Documentaries is gearing up to release the film “No Safe Spaces” that targets efforts to ban free speech. 

In “No Safe Spaces,” comedian and podcast record-breaker Adam Carolla teams up with popular radio talk show host and author Dennis Prager to travel the country exploring how relevant the First Amendment is today on college campuses and across the U.S. The two men also talk to progressive and conservative experts and explore their own upbringings to highlight the intolerance in America today.

“What’s happening now in the United States is you are not to be heard on a college campus or at your place of work, this is brand new,” Prager says in the film.

PragerU’s videos garnered over a billion views last year, but over 100 of their videos have been censored by YouTube which is owned by Google. YouTube has even censored PragerU’s videos about the Ten Commandments, labeling them mature content that’s “inappropriate” for “sensitive” audiences.

In a clip shared with The Christian Post, UC Berkeley student Isabella Chow explains why she opted not to vote for a bill presented to the student senate because of her Christian faith and how she dealt with the repercussions of her decision.

“I gave a short statement on why I couldn’t vote for that bill and the backlash was swifter and bigger than I would have ever imagined,” Chow says.

Hundreds of students demanded her resignation and she was called a “bigot” and “hater.” She was also denied the opportunity to respond to accusations that were being levied against her.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Jeannie Law