Michael Brown on The NBA is a Spineless Little Bully

When I was a boy in school, I watched as one of the school bullies picked on another kid who was not much of a fighter. Then, after the bully walked away, the kid who had just been bullied turned around and picked on a smaller boy. The bullied boy who wouldn’t fight the tough kid was willing to pick on a smaller victim. Shades of the NBA.

Yes, this multi-billion dollar organization, which spans the globe, was happy to bully North Carolina in 2016 when the state had the audacity to declare that men’s bathrooms were for men and women’s bathrooms were for women. How dare the people of this largely conservative state be so discriminatory!

As a punishment, the NBA pulled its scheduled All-Star game from Charlotte. No way would this highly ethical organization be partner to such unfair treatment of the transgender community. No way would they put money before morality. Not a chance. Not the NBA. Right!

In point of fact, the NBA was simply marching to the beat of American political correctness, a beat to which its biggest corporate sponsors also marched. You had better believe this was about money more than morality, about dollars more than decency.

Back in 2016, when the NBA decided to relocate the 2017 All-Star game, the league put out a statement claiming that the North Carolina law was “discriminatory,” running counter to its “guiding principles of equality and mutual respect.” (I remind you that the law simply called for people to respect the privacy of men’s and women’s bathrooms, which is hardly “discriminatory” or unfair.)

But that same NBA has had no problem getting in bed with an oppressive country like China, which imprisons and tortures Christians and Muslims and others who do not toe the party line.

Tens of millions of people experience severe daily restrictions under the tyrannical policies of President Xi, with countless tens of thousands suffering right now in “reeducation camps” and jails.

As I noted in August, one of my friends in China related to me that he has “Chinese colleagues whose family members have received life sentences because of their faith.”

Arrests, brutal interrogations, imprisonments, disruption of meetings, beatings, destroying of “unauthorized” Bible and Christian books are increasingly common. In one instance that was shared with me, those owning non-approved bibles and other resources were hit with “stiff fines and the books earmarked for destruction. But not before they (the materials) were first dumped in piles on the street before they were carted off…followed by the pastor who was then sent to prison.”

And we know at least some of what is happening to the Muslim Uighurs in China, with as many as one million arrested and detained.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Michael Brown