David Jeremiah on Someone is Always Watching You

Terry Brubaker was driving near Gloversville, New York, when she saw $20, $50, and $100 bills flying into her windshield like confetti. She pulled over and began collecting the money, which amounted to roughly $6,600.

Without even considering her options, Brubaker went straight to the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office to turn the money in, and arrived just as the owner of the cash, Kim Steenburg, was filing a report. Kim had lost her husband in a car crash. She’d withdrawn the money so she could go on their honeymoon cruise and scatter her husband’s ashes at sea. But she’d accidentally left the money in an envelope on top of her car.

One simple act of honesty meant the world to another person. On a planet where virtue is in short supply, we’re thrilled to hear of someone who possesses such integrity. Stories like Terry’s inspire us. And they remind us that we, too, can live with and reflect back to our Lord the godly virtues He has given us.

In 100 Bible Verses That Made America, Robert Morgan wrote about President William McKinley, a dedicated Christian. When McKinley became president, he maintained his Christian testimony. One Sunday a fierce political opponent attended McKinley’s church to spy on him dur- ing worship, expecting to find some trace of hypocrisy or showmanship. The man later wrote:

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SOURCE: Christian Post, David Jeremiah