Lauren Daigle Announces She is Moving Back to Home State of Louisiana After Lt. Gov. Billy Nungesser Honors Her With State Ambassador Award

Lauren Daigle is honored with the True Louisiana Ambassador Award by Lieutenant Governor Billy Nungesser in Baton Rouge on Oct. 11, 2019. | Ingridnicole

Lauren Daigle said she’s moving back home to Louisiana, the same day she was honored by Lieutenant Governor Billy Nungesser as one of the “greatest ambassadors” of the state. 

A week after Daigle made Billboard history, she returned to Louisiana for a homecoming concert at the Raising Cane’s River Center in Baton Rouge for her Look Up Child Tour. Louisiana Office of Tourism and Nungesser invited The Christain Post to be part of the state’s weekend events, which kicked off with Daigle’s concert.

Before the singer hit the stage, she was awarded the honorary Mayor-President plaque backstage by representatives of Baton Rouge. Daigle then made an appearance at the Louisiana Office of Tourism and Nungesser’s VIP tailgate party, catered by Daigle’s father, Mark, who owns On the Spot Catering. There, Nungesser presented Daigle with the “True Louisiana Ambassador Award.”

The Mayor-President award is presented to Lauren Daigle in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, on Oct. 11, 2019. |

“Tonight is really kind of special because we are here tonight to honor one of the greatest ambassadors we’ve ever had in Louisiana,” Nungesser said of Daigle as she looked on with gratitude. “Not only is she a superstar, but her values, her family is here tonight, there’s nowhere else in the world I would rather be and there’s no person I would rather honor than someone who has traveled the country and now going to travel the world telling people how great Louisiana is.”

The two-time Grammy award-winning Christian singer has proudly talked about her Louisiana upbringing throughout her career in the past six years and the lieutenant governor wanted her to know how much her promotion of the state has helped increase tourism.

“We had a record number year in tourism and let me tell you, your followers, the people you touch every day are coming to Louisiana by the thousands because of your love and passion for this great state. We are so proud of you and so glad you’re a great ambassador. So here’s a special award as a great ambassador for the great state of Louisiana. We love you,” Nungesser stated.

Daigle said to everyone in attendance, “Y’all, I do love this state, I love it so much. It fills my core. I’m moving back.”

The “You Say” singer said she loves her current residence in Nashville where she’s been for seven years but added, “I can’t help it. I need to get my feet in the mud.”

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Jeannie Law