14=year-old Israeli Boy Dies After Being Struck by Lightning at Beach

The spot at Zikim beach where five people were injured by lightning, October 15, 2019.
Credit: Ilan Assayag

A 14-year-old boy who was struck by lightning on the Zikim Beach south of Ashkelon died Wednesday. The funeral for Asher Hazut was held Wednesday night in his hometown of Be’er Sheva.

Four other members of the Hazut family were also struck by lightning on Tuesday. One was injured seriously, one moderately, and two others slightly injured. All were taken to Barzilai Medical Center in Ashkelon.

One of the slightly injured members of the family said on Wednesday: “We went to the beach, we played soccer and we swam. At first it was cloudy and then powerful lightning and thunder started. I was afraid.” It was at that point, the man said, that the family decided to leave, at which point the lightning struck them.

“I only remember that they woke me up and picked me out of the sand. It’s a disaster,” he said.

Paramedic Maxim Prolakov said that his team found two of the injured unconscious and one barely conscious, while two others were without a pulse and weren’t breathing when the ambulance team arrived.

SOURCE: Haaretz, Almog Ben Zikri