Michael Brown on Ask the Female Rugby Players if Biological Sex is the Same as Perceived Gender Identity

You knew it had to happen sooner or later. It’s bad enough that biological males are beating biological females in races, both in high school and college. It’s bad enough when biological males are beating biological females in weightlifting contests, setting new world records in the process. But it’s even worse when the men are injuring the women in full contact sports.

That’s exactly what could be happening now in female rugby games, and the insanity needs to stop before someone gets seriously injured.

This is not just unfair. It is dangerous.

A September 28 story in the UK’s The Times announced that, “Too strong trans players in women’s rugby are driving referees away.”

Then, quite remarkably, the story reported this. (And remember, this is The Times, not The Onion. No satire here!)

“Rugby referees are quitting the women’s amateur game because they fear rules allowing transgender women to play will lead to serious injuries.

“Referees say they have been warned not to challenge bearded or heavily muscled players appearing for women’s teams.”

How about reading this last sentence again slowly and out loud, digesting every word? Am I the only one who wants to scream at the top of my lungs, “Has the whole world gone totally crazy?!”

Under the condition of anonymity, one referee told the Times, “Being forced to prioritize hurt feelings over broken bones exposes me to personal litigation from female players who have been damaged by players who are biologically male. This is driving female players and referees out of the game.”

And if you dare raise a question about the testosterone level of the bearded player (a lower testosterone level is required), you are branded a bigot.

Interestingly, just last month, a new study out of Sweden revealed that, “Biological males who identify as transgender women are likely to retain strength advantages over biological females, even after undergoing 12 months of hormone therapy.”

Well, what do you know!

“The researchers who carried out the study found that biological males who underwent 12 months of hormone therapy lost muscle mass in their legs, but still retained leg strength.”

And that’s why, earlier this year, a British Olympian criticized Olympic rules that would allow biological males to compete against biological females.

According to medal-winner Sharron Davies, “‘quite a lot’ of female athletes . . . are afraid to publicly share their concerns about biological males who identify as transgender women competing in women’s sports.”

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Michael Brown