David Hoffman Interviews David Lynn Who Was Arrested for Preaching to LGBT Community in Canada

Pastor David Lynn preaches in Toronto in June 2019. | Screenshot: YouTube

Right now there is a major court case dealing with religious liberty and freedom of speech in Toronto, Canada. On June 4, 2019, David Lynn of Christ’s Forgiveness Ministries was arrested for preaching the Gospel publicly in Toronto, Canada.

In a previous article, I broke the news. He and his team were doing a multi-day evangelism tour throughout locations in Toronto. After evangelizing in other locations throughout the day, they went in the afternoon to an area where many of the LGBT community reside. Not long after, a crowd began to form and they tried to silence Lynn and force him to leave the area. When the police came, they charged Lynn with disturbing the peace even though the entire incident was video recorded live stream and there was evidence of people in the crowd becoming angry and violent without any provocation from Lynn or his team.

In both Canada and the United States, we are seeing a constant increase of the silencing of Christians’ rights to free speech. Every day, it is becoming clearer that we are living in a post-Christian, Western culture.

This court case is a serious case to be aware of. Many Christians in Western countries do not believe that there will come a time when the freedoms that we presently have and can exercise will be taken away from us right before our eyes. We already have seen lots of instances of the government coming against bakers, photographers, and others that were unwilling to participate in gay weddings with extremely high fines and even greater threats of further punishments if there was no compliance. Likewise, we have seen the media demonize Christians for holding to fundamental Biblical views,

I recently did an interview with David Lynn to hear his side of the story. My questions and his responses are what follow.

What happened the day of your arrest?

We were on our 8th stop on the 3rd day of our Toronto-wide evangelism tour. All day we had been going to different locations to share the Gospel. The themes of the message I preached throughout the time was “God loves you,” “There is hope for you,” John 3:16, and “I tolerate you. Would you tolerate me?” At this particular stop, I was arrested and charged with disturbing the peace.

Why do you think people reacted so adversely to it?

Many of those listening, who claimed to also be members of the LGBT community, felt preaching the Gospel to them was offensive. However, nothing hateful or offensive was ever said. Anyone can go and watch the entire incident online because it was live streamed and we still have the unedited live stream posted on our Christsforgiveness Youtube channel.

Do people have a right to free speech in Canada?

Yes, legally.

Were you in violation of any laws that day?

No. The laws allow us to preach on the streets.

Do you believe that there is an anti-Christian bias in Toronto?

Yes.  Many Christians are being discriminated against for simply being Christian and exercising their Christian faith.

Are there more restraints placed on Christians in Canada than in the past couple of years?

Yes. One example is that Justin Trudeau, our Prime Minister, limited youth summer program funds to charities that affirm abortion rights. Because of this, it excluded Bible-believing Christians who run summer programs from receiving funding. There is not a change of “legal rights” or rights according to the law. But there is a widespread crackdown on Christians using a bogus application of the law to try to silence us. There are hate speech laws and laws that pertain to disturbing the peace. Even if we are not being hateful or doing something to disturb the peace, these laws get applied to us, wrongfully. What happens is that authorities use questionable grey area laws like, “Disturbing the peace” or “Mischief” in an attempt to silence us as Christians. So “by the books” we have a right to free speech, but in practicality, we are being silenced. When other groups do the same things we do, or things of a much more radical nature, they are praised by government officials and the media and no one gets arrested. When they actually have hate-speech in their messages or disturb the peace, everyone turns a blind eye.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, David Hoffman