Wallace Henley Writes An Open Letter to President Trump

Dear President Trump:

Along with millions of people of many faiths I thank you for the bold stand you have taken for religious freedom. The eloquent speech you gave at the United Nations was one of your finest moments—in fact, one of the finest of any president.

I have worked in the White House, and I have written about the presidency since the 1970s, but have never seen nor heard a president of the United States so powerfully defend the right of people to choose what they believe about God and to worship freely.

I also join my voice to the millions so grateful to you for your unrelenting defense of the fundamental right to life of the unborn. Your firm stance against the abortion movement that has escalated to shocking levels is crucial. It is unconscionable that there are those in the industry who are willing to take human life almost at the point of birth.

Christians of many denominations and movements, along with many in other religions are thankful for your leadership in these areas.

Nevertheless, many Christians remain troubled by your careless speech. I want to offer two examples.

At a recent press conference, you spoke of calls you got from megachurch pastors who, you said, told you that they had never seen their religions—or any—so “electrified” because of the intense attack being brought against you by Democrats. According to your reported assessment, this is a great revival, with “hundreds of thousands of people” affected, and “churches joining.”

Sir, I have spent much time studying revivals—the Welsh revival of 1904-5 in particular—and I can tell you that your travails have not launched true revival.

There is certainly an outpouring of appreciation for the way you are fighting for the right to life and religious freedom. There is sorrow and frustration among your supporters about the impeachment torments thrust on you and the nation.

But it is not revival.

True revival is a renewal of focus and love for the Lord Jesus Christ, and a hunger to be more Christlike. It is not a focus on any human being—not even a president of the United States.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Wallace Henley