Rep. Katrina Jackson, Democratic Lawmaker from Louisiana, Says Her Pro-Life Beliefs Are Not ‘a Political Issue’, But is ‘Based on My Christianity’

A Democratic state lawmaker from Louisiana explained to a gathering of conservatives in Washington, D.C., that her pro-life views on abortion are not political, they are Christian. 

State Rep. Katrina Jackson for Louisiana’s District 16 was part of an all-female panel of pro-life state legislators at the Values Voters Summit on Friday.

When asked how she became pro-life, Jackson responded that “it’s as simple as this for me: God hates the shedding of innocent blood, and so I always said that whatever God hated, Katrina Jackson was going to hate too.”

“This is not a political issue for me, it was not based on a party, it was based on my Christianity,” said Jackson, calling abortion an “injustice.”

“When I am talking to people who don’t understand that or who don’t identify with the Sovereign God that we serve, I tell them all the time ‘well, someone chose you.’ If you were born after Roe v. Wade, someone chose you. And would you have not wanted us to fight for you?”

Jackson added that she “not only fights for the unborn” but by being pro-life “you fight for yourself as well, because someone had a choice not to choose you.”

“I don’t think there should ever be a time where someone other than God should determine whether or not you are born,” she added.

Later, Jackson also spoke about the need for churches to be more vocal against abortion, explaining that she and others were reaching out to churches to support pro-life advocacy.

“We are reaching out to our pastors and advocating and now they are talking about it,” continued Jackson. “So imagine if that pro-choice person had been sitting in a church since they were 1 and 2 years old and hearing that God hated abortion.”

“I don’t care what party or what race, what religious affiliation, if they had heard that, a party or a political machine would have never been able to convince them that abortion was right.”

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Michael Gryboski