Seriously, People, Sex Between a Married Man and Woman Is the Best Exercise in the World: Research Reveals How Many Calories Different Sex Positions Burn – with Standing Up Landing First Place at 350 Calories and ‘Lazy’ Spooning Ranking Last

Fitness experts have revealed the fitness credentials of different sex positions and which burn the most calories. 

Research conducted by 24/7 Fitness, explored the link between sex and fitness, as well as analysing 11 different sexual positions to calculate the potential calories burned during a 30-minute session.

And it seems that position really does matter when it comes to ‘sex-ercise’ –  with the standing position burning off an impressive 343 calories between both partners. 

However, it’s a different story for the spooning position, which sees partners shed a combined total of just 56 calories. 

‘The link between sex and fitness is a bit of a chicken and egg situation. Improved fitness improves your sex life and regular sex improves your workouts,’ said Gary Lockwood, CEO at 24/7 Fitness.

‘Regular exercise and a good diet will do wonders for your self-confidence. Look good, feel good! It regulates your hormones and releases lots of lovely endorphins which reduce stress levels. This in turn enhances your libido and your overall sexuality.’


The standing position came out on top, with 343 calories burned between both partners.

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SOURCE: Daily Mail – Chloe Morgan