John Piper Gives Five Reasons Some People Will Suffer More Than Others in Hell

Theologian John Piper has said that while hell will be “unspeakably terrible” for all unbelievers, there are five reasons some will suffer more than others.

In an episode of “Ask Pastor John” posted to Desiring God on Tuesday, the chancellor and professor at Bethlehem College and Seminary stated that Scripture reveals there will be “degrees of suffering in hell.”

“It will be unspeakably terrible for everyone who goes there — just unspeakably terrible, without any experience of good, no sight of beauty, no pleasant sounds, no bodily pleasures, no gratified appetites, no satisfied desires, no hopes fulfilled. That’s everybody,” Piper said.

“But although hell will be without all good for all unbelievers, it will be worse for some.”

Romans 2:5, for example, tells us that “we’re supposed to store up treasures in heaven by doing good deeds day after day,” Piper said. However, unbelievers do the opposite and store up wrath for themselves on the day “when God’s righteous judgment will be revealed.”

Piper then identified five reasons some will suffer in hell more than others.

First, Luke 12:48 states that “To whom much is given, much will be required.” Thus, “the more light you have, the more knowledge you have, the more truth you have, the worse your sin and punishment at rejecting it,” Piper said adding: “That’s right there in the texts.”

Second, the more “kindness God shows you” in “giving you many undeserved pleasures in this life,” the “more grievous will be your unbelief and sin, and the worse will be your punishment in hell,” he said.

Third, those who continually reject light and kindness will experience worse suffering in hell: “In other words, time comes into the picture,” the pastor explained. “Day after day after day, you keep on rejecting light after light after light, kindness after kindness after kindness. The longer this goes on, the worse things are going to be.”

Fourth, Piper argued that certain sins are “more heinous, more destructive, more blasphemous than others.” Thus, “not only the amount of sinning over time makes things worse, but also the degree of ugliness and horror, heinousness, and blasphemy also increases the suffering.”

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Leah MarieAnn Klett