California Worship Artist Sean Feucht Explains Why He is Running for Congress

Worship artist Sean Feucht, candidate for Congress. | Photo: Courtesy of Sean Feucht

Worship artist Sean Feucht is running for Congress, a move he did not see coming but now says might be a fulfillment of his many prayers, hoping to inspire millennials to engage in politics.

In a Wednesday phone interview with The Christian Post about his decision to run for office, Feucht recounted that he has spent the last 15 years traveling the world, approximately 50 countries doing everything from ministering to people in war zones in Iraq to facilitating rescue operations to save children from sex trafficking and child labor camps in India.

“But in the last year, God began to give me a burden like never before for my own nation,” he told CP.

“I have four little kids and I’ve been looking at them recently and just thinking and wondering and honestly worrying a little bit about what America is going to look like when they grow up.”

Feucht is running as a Republican for the seat in the 3rd Congressional district in California, which is currently occupied by John Garamendi, a Democrat who is a former lieutenant governor of California. Garamendi has served in Congress since 2009.

Concerned by what he sees as a heavy-handed push for control over many decisions pertaining to family, education, and medical vaccinations, everything started to feel like the opposite of the society in which he was raised, Feucht observed.

“I’m doing this because I’ve been praying for so many years that God would bring revival and that he would bring an awakening to America, that government officials would be elected that would be righteous,” he said, noting that he never thought he would potentially become the fulfillment of many of his own prayers.

“But I think what happens is that you reach a point to where your prayers don’t carry a lot of weight unless there is action behind them. And that’s the place where I am right now.”

He will face a primary contest in March where the top two finishers regardless of party — due to the “jungle” primary system in California — will compete in the general next November.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Brandon Showalter