Botham Jean’s Neighbor Joshua Brown was ‘Assassinated’, Claims His Family’s Lawyer, as He Refuses to Rule Out Police Involvement in the Shooting Death of the 28-Year-Old Days After His Witness Testimony Helped Convict Dallas Cop Amber Guyger of Murder

Amber Guyger witness Joshua Brown (center) was targeted for death in an ‘assassination,’ his family’s lawyer told in an exclusive interview Sunday. And S. Lee Merritt (right) said he is refusing to rule out that police were somehow involved in the shooting that took Brown’s life just two days after his evidence had helped convict the Dallas cop of the murder of neighbor Botham Jean in a nationally watched trial. ‘It is a possibility,’ Merritt said. ‘I don’t have any evidence other than the timing, but I am not ruling anything out. ‘But what I do know is that Joshua was targeted. This was an assassination. He pulled into his parking lot and he was shot. The perpetrators fled. They didn’t steal anything from him. This is a kid who had no gang ties, there was no lover’s quarrel. He was an AirBnB host and roofer. All the usual suspects of crime, drugs and sex, are simply not there.’

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SOURCE: Daily Mail