Come On Now, NFL: Saint’s LB Demario Davis Fined $7,000 for Wearing ‘Man of God’ Headband

The NFL has rules.

A lot of rules. Some of them are Draconian.

This is one of those times.

Saints’ Demario Davis fined for headband

Earlier this week, New Orleans Saints linebacker Demario Davis posted a photo to Instagram of a black headband that had “Man of God” written on it.

Under the picture, Davis told his followers that the NFL had fined him $7,000 for wearing the headband during the Saints’ Week 3 game.

He asked if he should continue wearing it, but perhaps knowing that a second fine for the same infraction is doubled, he didn’t end up wearing it for last week’s game against the Dallas Cowboys.

Davis was fined because the headband violated the “personal message” rule under uniform violations. Based on photos, it was not the first time Davis wore the headband.

Four years ago, then-Steelers running back DeAngelo Williams was fined for the same violation, after wearing eye black with a pink breast cancer awareness ribbon – during breast cancer awareness month.

Davis’ exact fine was $7,017 for the first offense; the fine for a second offense is $14,037.

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SOURCE: Yahoo! Sports, Shalise Manza Young