World Vision Launches New Child Sponsorship Program Where Children Can Pick Their Sponsors

Sponsor child Rosemary Wausi from Mwala, Kenya holds up the picture of Regis Storey, a mental health therapist in Chicago whom she selected to be her sponsor as part of World Vision’s Chosen initiative. | World Vision/Laura Reinhardt

Sponsor children from impoverished countries worldwide now have the opportunity to do what they have never been able to do before: choose their sponsors. 

World Vision, one of the world’s largest evangelical humanitarian aid agencies impacting the lives of millions of vulnerable children since 1950, announced last month the launch of a new initiative called “Chosen.”

As child sponsorship has become an increasingly popular way for economically stable Christians to provide aid to children in need, the initiative marks the first time in the charity’s seven-decade history that it’s enabling the children to pick who their sponsor will be.

Ordinarily, prospective donors looking to contribute every month to provide necessities and gifts for children in underserved populations can go to an online database to select which children they sponsor by reading stories and watching videos giving them more information on the children.

But under the Chosen program, “the power to choose is in the hands of the child.”

According to World Vision, which operates in nearly 100 countries, this change in sponsorship dynamic recognizes the dignity and value of children living in poverty. The shift also represents the belief that children living in poverty have the power to change their own lives and communities.

“Chosen introduces children to the first of many empowering choices they will now have through child sponsorship, so they can become agents of lasting change,” World Vision U.S. President Edgar Sandoval said in a statement. “We are already seeing God move in miraculous ways through Chosen.”

Through the program, prospective sponsors in the U.S. get their picture taken and that photo is sent to a community somewhere in the world where World Vision has a presence. The photo is displayed along with photos of other prospective sponsors. The children can pick their sponsors when their communities are gathered for a special Chosen celebration.

If chosen, sponsors will receive a photo of the child holding their photograph. Sponsors will also receive a note educating them about the child and why the child chose them as their sponsor.

Some sponsors have already been chosen by children in Guatemala and Kenya. According to World Vision, over 431 children in the rural village of Mwala, Kenya, have chosen sponsors from Soul City Church in downtown Chicago.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Samuel Smith