There’s a Devil Loose: Man Runs Over Ex-Wife, Slashes Her to Death With Machete in Broad Daylight in the Bronx

Pictured: Victor Mateo

A man deliberately ran over his ex-wife before slashing her with a machete in broad daylight on a Bronx street on Thursday morning, police said. Neighbors watched as the unidentified man allegedly smashed into his ex-wife Noelia Mateo’s car as she was getting in, then dragged her under the car before running her over, police said. The New York Daily News reports that when the woman attempted to crawl towards the sidewalk, the man hacked her with a machete. “Next thing I see, the sucker’s there chopping away at her with a machete—and I mean a machete,” Victor DiChristina told the Daily News. “I’m yelling and screaming trying to stop him.” The 58-year-old woman was rushed to Jacobi Medical Center, where she died. The suspect is still on the loose with the victim’s car, police said.

Pictured: Noelia Mateo

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SOURCE: The Daily Beast – Anna Kaplan