Discovery of Five Butchered Bulls Sparks Fears of Cult Activity in Small Oregon Town

A Hereford bull was found dead in Burns, Ore., and was one of five apparently healthy bulls that were found dead and with sex organs and tongues removed. Silvies Valley Ranch via AP

WARNING: This story contains graphic details and photography that some may find disturbing. Reader discretion is advised.

The appearance of one dead bull — no blood, sex organs and tongue removed, no gunshot wounds — mystified officials near a timbered ravine in eastern Oregon.

But when four more were discovered about 2.5 kilometres away in the same condition, the plot thickened. No tracks were found near the dead bodies, leading people to think they were placed there.

Local ranch management and law enforcement suspect that someone must have killed the bulls. Ranch hands have been advised to travel in pairs and to go armed.

It seems that concerned locals have been banding together to solve this mystery, which for some calls to mind past incidents of discovered murdered bulls.

Ever since the animals were found back in July, Harney County sheriff’s deputy Dan Jenkins has received many calls and emails with theories.

Some think the bulls have been harmed to hurt ranchers financially, while others speculate scavengers such as carrion bugs have been eating the carcasses.

One person even went so far as suggesting UFO involvement, telling Jenkins to look for craters underneath their carcasses.

Back in the 1970s, thousands of livestock were found mutilated in similar ways across the U.S. west and midwest.

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SOURCE: Global News CA, Meaghan Wray