Deaf People in Eurasia Learn that God Communicates in Sign Language Too

Zoltan Babos records Ladislau “Laci” Bortos signing a Bible story into Romanian Sign Language.
(Photo, caption courtesy of Wycliffe Global Alliance)

Deaf throughout Eurasia are learning that God “signs” – communicates using a sign language – and they can know Him by watching His Word.

“They have this mindset that they have to read a printed Bible, but that’s not in their first language. Their first language is sign language,” Jeremy Roe explains. Roe, a Deaf leader, works with Deaf Bible Society as the Sign Language Scripture Engagement Specialist for Eurasia.

Deaf people often feel they have to read a printed Bible to know God, he says. However, the truth is that God signs, too — His Word goes beyond the page.

“They (Deaf) don’t have to work so hard…to understand God.”

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Katey Hearth