AMG International Launches Push to Get 200 Needy Children Sponsored. Could You Be a Sponsor?

AMG International supports vulnerable children around the world. Right now, 200 of those children don’t have sponsors.


These 200 kids are in AMG programs across the globe and range from ages 5 to 13. Each child has a different circumstance and level of need. Sponsorship can fund medical treatment, education, food, and access to the gospel message.

“We want to create a long relationship with the sponsor and the sponsored child,” says Bethany Dameron of AMG International.

“Our tagline is to inspire hope and change your future. And we want to do that not just for the kids that we’re sponsoring, but also those that ARE sponsoring as well.”

For those interested in lending one of these children a hand, AMG is featuring all 200 kids on their website in a push to get them sponsored. Some of the kids have been on the website for some time without a sponsor, while others are new additions.

“We’ve reached out to the field and asked for kids that further information so we can post them on the website for this particular event.”

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Kali Katerberg