New Selfiestop App Blocks Kids From Taking Nude Selfies

Staying one step ahead of tech-savvy youth, as well as perverted child abusers is an ongoing effort. A recently released app called SelfieStop instantly deletes naked selfies on a child’s phone—before it can be sent.

In an online world where kids can be pressured to send nude pictures, and kids can unwittingly receive them, this new app is probably worth the annual subscription cost of $20.00 for two devices. Most nudity-detection apps only work after the image has been received. That’s a little too late. None of us can unsee an image. That’s why SelfieStop is so effective. The algorithm of the program can detect nudity as soon as a child tries to take a picture or video. It deletes it in milliseconds—and the picture is not processed.

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Source: Christian Post