WATCH: Pastor Earl Carter Says Bishop George Bloomer Was Fired From the Word Network For Stealing and is Trying to Play the Race Card

Left: George Bloomer; Right: Earl Carter

Last week, Bishop George Bloomer stated that he left the Word Network alleging racist behaviour on the part of the Netwrok’s owner, Kevin Adell, who is white. Now, former COGIC Pastor Earl Carter has uploaded a video claiming that Bloomer was actually fired for stealing. You can go to the 40:00 mark in the below video, where Carter tells how Bishop Bloomer’s alleged side hustle cost him his job. Bloomer is accused of bringing guests on the network at a reduced price.

Last week, we reported that the owner of the Word Network, Kevin Adell, who happens to be white, retweeted the picture that you see below. On Larry Reid Live, Bishop George accused Kevin Adell of racism and said he quit from the network. (Two of the people in the picture are Creflo Dollar and Kirk Franklin.) Bloomer also said that Adell referred to him as “Tattoo”, the little man assistant from Fantasy Island.