Oregon-Based Exorcist Says Cases of Demonic Possession Are ‘Getting Darker’

James Cloud

An exorcist based in Oregon and who belongs to a splinter Catholic group has stated that incidents of demonic possession are “getting darker” in recent years.

James Cloud, a former Anglican who is presently an Archbishop in the Advent Catholic Church, gave an interview with Emily Burris of the Portland-based KOIN 6 after reportedly performing an exorcism.

“If I hadn’t seen half the stuff I’ve seen in life, I wouldn’t believe it, either — until it actually happens,” said Cloud, who is also a licensed counselor, to KOIN in a story published last week.

“Throughout the scriptures, we see examples of angels interacting on Earth — devils and Satan himself interacting on Earth.”

Cloud explained to the local media outlet that he feared that too many churches gave a “very sanitized” approach to spiritual life that omitted possessions, with the exorcist claiming that he was kicked out of the Anglican Church for his focus on spiritual warfare.

Cloud also told KOIN that, as a mental health professional, he first looks for rational explanations for the problems that his patients are experiencing.

“Many things that would almost mirror someone that’s being possessed or oppressed — many mental health conditions will do it too,” he continued.

“I have to differentiate: is this substance use, is it mental health, or is it a legitimate issue that’s going on? … So, if I can rule out the first two then what I’m left with is something that’s potentially legitimate.”

Cloud warned that modern American society, with its interest in things drugs, ouija boards, and other items, was fueling a need to perform more exorcisms, adding that as “the years go by, the cases are getting darker.”

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Michael Gryboski