John Stonestreet and Roberto Rivera on When the Money Runs Out and Assisted Suicide is Legal

Six years ago, Sean Tagert of British Columbia was diagnosed with ALS, better known as “Lou Gehrig’s Disease.”

An ALS diagnosis is essentially a death sentence. There is no known cure. People with ALS eventually lose control over most of the muscles in their bodies–including the ones that enable them to breathe.

Despite his grim diagnosis, Tagert decided to live as long as he could for the sake of his son, who was six-years old at the time. For five years, he advocated on behalf of ALS patients and became a symbol of someone who refused to give up.

Then, last month, Tagert informed his friends he had decided to opt for physician-assisted suicide under Canada’s Medical Assistance in Dying law.

Why? Tagert didn’t give up because he believed the fight for life was no longer worth it. He gave up because those who could have helped him refused.

Totally paralyzed and requiring a ventilator to breathe, Tagert required full-time care in order to live at home with his son. But government medical officials would only provide 20 hours of care a day. Thus, he could only get ‘round-the-clock care by moving to a group facility nearly five hours away from his home, and his son.

Tagert appealed this decision that was separating him from his boy. Officials never responded!

A Facebook post in Tagert’s honor put it this way: “The few institutional options on hand . . . would have offered vastly inferior care while separating him from his family, and likely would have hastened his death.”

And so, in Tagert’s mind, physician-assisted suicide had become the least horrible option.

His death has set off shock waves throughout Canada.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, John Stonestreet and Roberto Rivera