Jerry Wiles on The Ripple Effect and Multiplying Disciples

Ordinary Conversations can have Extraordinary Impact

It was encouraging to recently reconnect with a friend I first met more than 40 years ago.  Bill was a college professor and a religious person, but had not yet come to a personal relationship with Christ at that time.  Through a Bible Study with Bill, his wife and two other couples that my wife and I hosted in our home, he had a life changing experience with the Lord. As a result, there was a ripple effect, and several family members and friends came to the Lord.  He later became a pastor, as well as a business as mission practitioner.  Much fruit has come from Bill’s life and ministry over the past four decades.

Spontaneous Work of the Spirit

The ripple effect of transformed lives is actually the work of the Holy Spirit, not our plans or human effort that make it happen.  We are often amazed and surprised at the spontaneous work of the Spirit when we obey Him and reach out with the love and message of Jesus.  Plans, methods and strategies are important and needed.  However, when we walk with God, obey His leading, and act in faith, we can expect His redemptive activity of multiplying disciples. Communicating the Good News of Jesus and making disciples is not complicated, and is something each of us can do when we make ourselves available to Him.

Fruit that Multiplies and Reproduces

As followers of Jesus, it’s valuable to recognize the power of sowing God’s truth into the lives of those we have contact with on a regular basis.  It could be a shopping mall, a trade show, a convention center or just a walk in the neighborhood where we encounter those who need the Lord.  Ultimately, it’s Christ Himself, living in us, who produces fruit that remains and reproduces. As we faithfully share the good seed of the Word of God, we can expect it to connect with fertile soil.

Spiritual Encounters

Think of conversations most of us have almost daily that could become spiritual encounters.  Simply sharing our own testimony, an answer to prayer or reporting some activity of God in our lives or others can be a powerful strategy.  Even sharing accounts of spiritual movements around the world can capture people’s attention and open up significant conversations. Some followers of Jesus have come to believe they need some special skill or gifting in order to lead others to the Lord. The fact is, anyone who has had a genuine encounter with the Living Christ has something to share.

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SOURCE: Assist News