What is True Worship?

What is worship? Is it something you only do on Sunday morning? Or is it something that penetrates every ounce of your life? Eric Mock, Vice President of Ministry Operations for Slavic Gospel Association offers his thoughts.

“Worship has never been relegated to music alone for worship comes through prayer. Worship comes through outreach. [It] comes through the preaching of God’s Word. All activities of the church, are those things that bring glory to God.”

Mock says one of the most exciting things about the churches SGA serves is how these churches serve God with fervor. Every day there are believers busy in the churches, working on Bible studies and other activities. There is a passion for God ablaze, even in restricted areas. And their work to glorify God manifests itself beyond the Sunday morning hymns.

In fact, Mock has worshipped through music alongside believers in restricted areas. For these believers, worship is far from an obligation; it’s a privilege.

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Bethann Flynn