There’s a Devil Loose: Well-to-Do Florida Man Shoots Dead Wife of 33 Years Before Trying to Kill Himself in Front of Their Two Grandchildren After Accusing Her of Cheating on Facebook Just One Week After He Bought Her a New Mercedes and She Complained It Wasn’t Red

A Florida man allegedly killed his childhood sweetheart and wife of 33 years in their home then tried to take his own life, all in front of their two young grandchildren, after he took to Facebook to accuse her of cheating.

Eddie Harris allegedly killed his wife Shanica Harris by shooting her dead inside their Liberty home on Saturday night.

Over the past week Eddie posted several disturbing statuses on Facebook accusing his wife of infidelity. Just last week Shanica took to Facebook to flaunt the new silver Mercedes Eddie purchased for her but complained it wasn’t red.

On Saturday Eddie shared several posts saying Shanica brought her boyfriend into their home adding, ‘Shanica Harris got them trying to kill me’.

The couple had been together since they were 15, according to their family and friends, and shared five children and several grandchildren.

Miami-Dade police reported to the home around 8.51pm following calls about shots fired inside the residence at 6004 NW 23rd Ave, according to the Miami Herald.

When cops arrived two men running from the home met them and said there were children inside and Eddie Harris had a rifle.

What ensued was a stand-off between SWAT officers and Eddie.

Special Response Team members were able to get two children, aged six and nine, out of the home through a window. Then they found a woman fatally shot and a man suffering an apparently self-inflicted gunshot wound inside.

He was taken to Jackson Memorial Hospital Ryder Trauma Center. The children were unharmed in the incident,.

Just last week Shanica Harris posted on Facebook, showing off her new Mercedes SUV packaged with a bright red bow on top as a gift from her husband.

‘Now he knows I love red cars!!! But OMG!!!!!! Why couldn’t I pick out my own car,’ she shared on Saturday September 21, showing off her new wheels but complaining about the color choice.

Exactly a week later she’d be dead.

Six days after Eddie bought his wife the luxury car, he took to Facebook to accuse her of cheating.

‘My wife Shanicaharris cheating on the train now she playing sick on the job,’ he posted on September 27. According to social media she works for Miami Dade Transit.

The stream of Facebook statuses accusing his wife of infidelity continued.

‘Shanicaharris got a f**kboy rides n a white impala around my house,’ he wrote on Facebook.

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Source: Daily Mail