Oral Village Perseveres in Christ After Two Ministry Trainers are Killed in Automobile Accident

(Photo by e3 Partners)

The e3 orality team of e3 Partners focuses on reaching oral communities in places where literacy rates are extremely low or there is no written language altogether. In these places, the orality team shares Christ’s love and hope through the story of the Gospel.

Oral Village Suffers Loss

In a village on the vast continent of Africa, an e3 orality team has shared the Gospel message through storytelling. Work in this particular location began in 2017. As the Gospel was shared, those who heard it passed it along and trained others to do the same.

“We’re receiving all sorts of really positive reception; a lot of other people were coming to faith…In 2018, they arranged for a follow-up training to really push these people along even further in their training and raising them up as really strong Christian leaders,” e3 Partners’ Marketing Communication Manager Jeff Johnston says.

However, a tragedy happened. Two African men involved in the training were killed in an automobile accident. This happened days before an e3 orality team was to provide the follow-up training for the village.

“This was an extreme tragedy and something that really affected the whole village and caused a lot of grief. It was something that our orality team was grieved by as well,” Johnston shares.

“[But] they were also…afraid that this is something that could really derail these villagers’ faith in Christ and their exuberance for sharing His Gospel.”

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Bethann Flynn