March in Support of Andrew Yang-Backed Universal Basic Income Set to Start at Convent Avenue Baptist Church in Harlem

Andrew Yang, businessman and 2020 Democrat presidential candidate pitches his argument for Universal Basic Income at the National Action Network convention in New York City on Wednesday April 3, 2019. NAN founder and civil rights activist, the Rev. Al Sharpton listens with the audience. | Photo: The Christian Post/Leonardo Blair

As a new poll now shows nearly half of Americans now back the idea of universal basic income being pushed by Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang, a march next month in support of the idea in New York City is expected to culminate at the Convent Avenue Baptist Church in Harlem.

“Our economy is leaving millions behind. Join the people powered movement to send the message that our society and economy needs to evolve to meet the challenges of the 21st century,” says the website for the march billed as the “Largest Ever March for Universal Basic Income” set for Oct. 26.

The march is expected to start in the South Bronx and feature leaders from Yang’s campaign, Al Sharpton, Chairman of Black Lives Matter Hawk Newsome and candidate for Congress James Felton Keith.

UBI is not only supported by liberals. Conservative economist Milton Friedman proposed a UBI early in his career, and Charles Murray, a libertarian political scientist at the American Enterprise Institute, wrote a book arguing for a UBI as a replacement for all the current social welfare programs.

Critics of UBI worry that many people making close to the proposed minimum would simply drop out of the workforce.

Yang, 44, who supports universal basic income as a major part of his policy platform wants to start giving every adult citizen $1,000 a month no strings attached to prevent the “widespread squalor, despair, and violence” that he believes will result from millions of workers being permanently displaced by technology.

“America is starting 100,000 fewer businesses per year than it was only 12 years ago, and is in the midst of shedding millions of jobs due primarily to technological advances,” Yang explains in his 2018 book, The War on Normal People.

Yang, who founded Venture for America, an organization that helps entrepreneurs create jobs in cities like Baltimore, Detroit, Pittsburgh, and Cleveland, argues that “normal” Americans who represent a majority of the population are the ones most vulnerable to being ravaged by the ongoing technological shift.

Support for Yang’s candidacy has also grown. A new Emerson poll now showed him in fourth place, his best results yet, among Democratic presidential candidates with 8 percent support. In the RealClearPolitics average of recent polls, Yang is currently in 6th place at 3.3%. Six months ago, his poll average was less than 1%.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Leonardo Blair