Horizons International Uses Arabic Music Styles to Share the Gospel in Lebanon, Middle East

Various passages of the Bible portray worship as deep admiration and reverence for God. Pierre Houssney, MENA Regional Director with Horizons International, says he has heard the whole purpose of the Great Commission described as just that through worship arts.

He wants to “see the problem, which is that not everybody is worshiping God, be solved by everybody experiencing Christ, experiencing salvation through Jesus, and being reconciled with God so that they can experience their Creator and be worshipping their Creator,” Houssney says.

Need for Worship Arts in the Middle East

Western churches invest a lot of resources in creating relevant and beautiful worship. However, the Arab Church often has only translations of hymns from missionaries who visited decades prior.

“In the Middle East, there’s a big need to be developing more and more worship that is authentic to the culture of the Middle Easterners in the Arabic language, and not only the Arabic language but the Arabic music styles,” Houssney explains.

This is why Horizons International is investing in churches to help “facilitate the development of more authentic forms of worship for the Middle Eastern Church”.

Houssney says more authentic forms of worship in the Middle Eastern Church also provide an avenue to reach out to more non-Christians.

“The authentic music of the Arab world is what touches the hearts of most Arab speaking Muslims. So, to have worship that is in that language is a very powerful evangelistic tool,” Houssney says.

The task is daunting and requires a few puzzle pieces, but it is worth the work. Horizons International has already produced an album featuring Arabic style worship music. Now, the ministry is partnering with churches in Lebanon to meet this challenge.

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Beth Stolicker